Science Integration

i'm working pretty hard on a distant galaxy to launch my next project Hanlingo Mobile

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Ongoing Projects

At, we're trying to make 2nd language learning experience more interesting and motivating through socialization among expats and locals. Many studies recommend that 2nd language learners should constantly seek out opportunities to immerse themselves in the foreign language and culture. But, most people just don't know how, where, when to meet their potential language/culture exchange partners or, tutors. Even if you know, scheduling and planning such meet-up event is a pain in the ass. We try to address the problems.

Who's behind it?

A local nerd named Chuck J. Oh is the man behind the curtain. He received his master's degree in computer science from University of Southern California. He considers himself as an artist rather than a tech-geek and wanted to create a new form of culture using his expertise in web/mobile development. Recently he joined's translation team for the sake of his fellow Korean developers. He's interested in iOS development, Android development, Laravel PHP framework and, few other topics all the cool kids are doing. Please visit his personal blog if you want to contact him.