Science Integration

We'll do it all again in an effective way. And, we mean it.

The company

Science Integration had taken quite a different approach to provide an online community service for local audiences here in Korea back in 2006 through 2009. Since the success of tech business largely depends on the technology, we've also changed and adjusted our way of thinking to take the difficulties in our stride. Perhaps the most valuable thing we've learned is that the importance of balance or equilibrium of what we have. We strongly believe in it for our long term success.

The product

We're trying to add awesomeness to your social network of acquaintances who drift in and out of contact. They are carrying on around you with their own colors, bodies, and craziness. Everyone seems to pretend they know everything but we live in a universe so vast that our planet is literally like a single grain of sand in the ocean compared to the rest of the universe - we know nothing, less then nothing if that’s possible. We want to help expanding your imagination.

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